Frequently asked questions

What lengths do you carry?

Hair Control Junkie carries lengths 12" - 40" But we also can customize you up to 54'(special request)

How many ounches is each bundle?

Each bundle is up to 3.5 oz.

Can the extensions be colored?

Yes, your hair can be colored. However, we recommend having the hair professionally colored to ensure you don’t damage the extensions.

Does the hair shed?

There is minimum shedding, but any hair that is machine wefted or hand wefted can shed. To help prevent shedding (seal wefts or and avoid cutting wefts ) and have stylist sew around wefts and not through wefts. but the hair will never shead to the poit that it take away your fullness or lustur .

How often should I shampoo my hair extensions?

Once a week using quality shampoo and conditioner. Treat this hair like it's your own to ensure soft manageable hair.

How many bundles do I need?

2-3 are recommended for partial head weave with some hair leave out.

4 bundles are recommended for a full head with no hair out.

2 bundles for 12-16 inches.

2-3 bundles for 18-22 inches.

3-4 bundles for 24-28 inches.

3-5 bundles for 30-40 inches.

The longer the hair the more bundles you may need to be fuller (preference).

How long dose the hair last ?

we carry a few diffrent qualitys ! pick one depend on your budget ! 1. Our top quality rawof the line (b.i.t.c.h.) hair will last you 3 -5 years or longer 2.Our (H.O.E) Happiness over everything will last you 1-3 year or longer (with proper care) 3.Our (S.l.u.t) somethin light un till will last you 6 month to a year (with proper care)